As you cross the threshold at 1000 Guerrero Street, you'll enter a cozy space with a playful, vintage vibe. A casual, neighborhood spot with warm, friendly service where you can enjoy honest, good food and plenty of choices to drink with it.

We want to celebrate the bounty of our beautiful state, California, which provides so much for us to enjoy. Our menus roll with the seasons, eagerly adding newly available produce while bidding farewell, until next year, those favorites whose growing season has expired. We aim to support our local growers, dairies, artisans, vintners and ranches who all contribute top-notch products that we are proud to serve in our restaurant.

Our menu also reflects the many culinary influences we have throughout our state from those who have settled here from other countries. While our foundation is grounded in traditional French techniques and Mediterranean traditions, we strive to incorporate some of the many ingredients and flavor profiles that are now also part of California's fabric.

So join us for lunch, dinner or just a drink at our bar. We want to welcome you, serve you and do our very best to ensure an enjoyable visit for you.


Jason Poindexter, Chef, Owner

Midwestern roots run deep in Jason, the son of farmers on his Mom’s side, grocers on his Dad’s. After getting his degree in art history and economics, heading off to culinary school seemed like a natural next step – grow it, sell it, cook it – the progression made sense. And what could be better for this grandson of French background than landing at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago, followed by the Four Seasons in San Francisco. Always a bit of a Francophile, Jason’s cooking in the fine dining world merged his French sensibilities with the food values he learned from his talented mother – food that showcased that fresh from the garden flavor. But in the back of Jason’s mind was that dream he’d harbored since high school – running a restaurant of his own. Clichéd though it may be, a dream came true – working alongside a great colleague, cooking for friends and neighbors, knowing his guests - in Jason’s own words, “a truly amazing opportunity.”

Thuy Nguyen, Manager, Owner

A French doctor-turned-foodie, Company is Thuy's third foray in the restaurant business. Her first two ventures of 11 years each (one in Paris and one in San Francisco) explored the nuances of French-Vietnamese cuisine. When the opportunity came to partner with a pair of rising star chefs from Four Seasons, she knew it was finally time to embrace the cosmopolitan fare of her adopted home. Thuy believes California cuisine is simply the fusion of the best that Europe, America and Asia have to offer. It also pairs well with wines, which will be offered "free flow" among bottles (both from the Old world and New world) in a casual and playful decor she likes to describe as “Haute Comfort.” With Jason, she wishes you: Bon appétit, Enjoy your meal and An ngon!